Castra Financial

Castra Financial are a local financial services company offering holistic advice on mortgages, pension investments. Castra had been a customer of BT for many years and had experienced issue after issue with their service.

Their calls as a business were limited so most of the time they worked on mobile phones. This in turn meant customers would right back the mobile number and calls were not always directed and dealt with by the correct person.


We installed our Communicator Desktop solution for Castra which meant no fixed desk phones. They connected headsets to their laptop/computers and used the phone from their desktop.

Castra are now are able to display their main 01633 number when calling clients and when they receive incoming calls they can transfer to other members of the team seamlessly.

Members of the team who spend a lot of time out and about now use our Communicator GO mobile app, meaning calls can be transferred to them out of the office. They can also use the app to call internally to other members of the team.

Both Communicator products mean Castra can now be available anywhere, as long as they have an internet or 4G connection.


Communicator Desktop
Communicator GO App