Become an RPS partner

If you run an IT company and want to add telecoms to your list of services, we can help.

Our team is experienced in providing voice and phone-based services in partnership with IT businesses, helping them to secure contracts that might otherwise be won by competitors.

Team up with RPS, and you’ll gain the expertise and experience of a team that not only understand telecoms, but who care deeply about providing helpful, reliable service to every customer you serve.

Direct partnerships

If you’ve got customers who need telecoms solutions and want to team up with a company that can deal with every aspect of installation and support, allow us to act as your direct partner.

Simply introduce us to your clients – we’ll have a chat with them and find smart solutions to any telecoms problems they’re having, before providing a quote, installing the equipment and providing ongoing support.

Become A RPS Partner

Indirect partnerships

If you’d prefer to act as the main point of contact for your customers, we can provide our services through an indirect partnership agreement.

You’ll benefit from our partner pricing, allowing you to provide your own quotes to customers, install the relevant equipment and provide first-line support. Our team is happy to provide second or third-line support to your customers whenever it’s needed.

Become A RPS Partner