Wednesday 07th September 2022

The benefits of FTTP for your business

Businesses are increasingly frustrated with their current connectivity solutions due to issues concerning capacity, customer experience, costs, remote working, staff frustration, and digital transitions. 

Since the pandemic, remote and hybrid working have become the new norm, and never before has internet connectivity been so important to businesses. From zoom calls to webinars, a high-quality, secure connection is imperative to staying professional and in control of your computer. 

Don’t miss out on an easy way to reduce your costs and scale your business. Here are just a few benefits of FTTP or ‘Fibre to the Premises’, that many businesses will find hard to resist.

Its main advantage is speed

High-speed connections are pretty important for many businesses, yet in an increasingly digital environment, many businesses are having to make do with inadequate and expensive broadband solutions. With FTTP, your business will benefit from fast and cost-effective solutions, helping you scale up with ease. 

“The main advantage of introducing FTTP is the speed which can reach up to 1000Mb/s. Although many businesses won’t require such high speeds, a variety of packages are available allowing you to upscale when needed”, said our General Manager, Natalie Strange. 


You can scale it to suit you

There’s no set price or package when it comes to FTTP, as we know that each business has different needs. At RPS Telecom, we take the time to understand exactly what your business needs before creating a tailored solution to suit. Once installed, FTTP can be expanded and improved to move with your business. 

The online business directory, See No Bounds, is a growing business that needed to upgrade its broadband to meet its growth. We worked with the team to install FTTP broadband to their new site in Cardiff.

“Very quickly the company relocated to a new office in Cardiff and the telephony solution built by RPS moved with us…We needed the added extra of broadband at our new premises. This is where RPS’ Andrew, Cara, and the team really came into their own. The office was amazing to deal with”, said a spokesperson from See No Bounds. 


It can be used for any type of business

Thinking about switching to FTTP but unsure if it’s suitable for your business? The truth is, FTTP broadband can be used for any type of business that needs a high-speed, reliable internet connection. 

At RPS Telecom, we’ve helped a non-profit organisation and online business directory make the switch to FTTP. 


It’s more reliable, stable, and much less price-sensitive

According to recent research by Uswitch, 11 million consumers experienced broadband outages of three hours or more between the summers of 2021-2022. This was estimated to have cost the UK economy over £1.3 billion. When it comes to running a business, you can’t afford to suffer such outages. 

Existing copper cables can suffer from electromagnetic interference, meaning high fault rates and regular disrupted connections. FTTP, on the other hand, is much more stable, with lower fault rates, your connections are there to stay keeping you and your customers happy.


It benefits rural and central businesses

With the impending copper shutdown and added momentum from government policy, businesses are increasingly making the move to FTTP to access cost-effective, high-quality broadband. With more businesses moving away from central city locations, FTTP is the obvious solution. 

According to the UK Government, 16% of rural premises currently have a download speed of under 10Mb/s and therefore have an urgent need for a better connection to avoid digital exhaustion. 

Monmouthshire, Brecon, and Abergavenny Canals Trust are located in quite a rural area and needed a broadband solution that would work for them. We provided fibre broadband with speeds of 80/20 to meet their needs. A team member from the Trust said, “We are extremely grateful to RPS Telecom who has provided this system and are happy to recommend the company for your business telephone needs.”


You don’t need to keep up with maintenance

When you’re running a business, you’ve got enough to be worrying about. You shouldn’t have to keep on top of your telecoms too. Fortunately, FTTP is low maintenance due to its durable fibre cables. Plus, with a standard lead time of 10 working days, you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

In the UK, FTTP is being rolled out with Openreach with a target of reaching 25 million premises by 2025. We are helping customers across South Wales and nationwide to switch their broadband to FTTP and take advantage of the many benefits. 

If you’d like to find out more about the move to FTTP and how your business can benefit, get in touch with our friendly team 01633 481424