See No Bounds

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We provided See No Bounds with a new 033 telephone number and installed our Communicator GO App’s onto users mobile phones.

This now allows member of the team to be available anywhere (even aboard) anytime. It also gives them the option to ring each other internally and see each others availability.

We also provided FTTP broadband to their new site in Cardiff and are working alongside them to support the growth of their business.


Communicator GO App
Fibre Broadband
Multi Site
Multiple Inbound Routing
Hybrid Working


I run several different businesses as part of a group of companies. See No Bounds is currently Based in Cardiff. However we needed a solution to offer us the capacity to work remotely, hybrid or at a fixed location. Andrew, Cara and the team put together an app solution that meant we could operate our business from our mobile phones. Very quickly our team grew and a new member based in London joined. Jamie realised that he didn’t need the App on his phone and in minutes it was transferred to the new member of the team.

Soon after the team grew once again by two new directors based in the Caribbean but operating from Bristol. This didn’t cause a single issue, the app was sent out, a number created and the team was up and running.

Very quickly the company relocated to a new office in Cardiff and the Telephony solution build by RPS moved with us.

This time we needed the added extra of Broadband at the new premises. This is where RPS Andrew, Cara and the team really came into their own. Andrew was booked to go away and without a single hitch Cara stepped in took over and the transition was simple and easy. The office was amazing to deal with and on Andrews return he was on track and we never missed a beat.

BT however caused a few issues, there where calls back and forth between RPS Telecom and BT Openreach. This took up a great deal of time and if I had not used RPS would have caused us a great deal of pain. This pain was relieved by a professional company who could deal with the supplier without us getting involved. This meant we was free to actually do what we do best and RPS doing what they do best.

Would I recommend a fantastic, professional and approachable company like RPS to others? My actual question is why are you not already using this fantastic company rather than reading this review that can only start to put into words how amazing RPS Telecom, the office team and the support team are. Massive 10 out of 10 from everyone here at See No Bounds and around the globe.