Monday 08th July 2024

Natalie Appointed Co-Chair of UK Women in Telecoms Group

Cwmbran, South Wales—RPS Telecom, a leading telecoms firm in South Wales, proudly announces the appointment of its General Manager, Natalie Strange, as Co-Chair of the Comms Council UK’s ‘Women in Telecom’ group.

In her new role, Natalie will ensure the group aligns with its core vision and values. Her responsibilities include incorporating member feedback to strategically plan and enhance group support and informing members of the latest industry developments.

Natalie Strange said, “I am honoured to take on this role and dedicate myself to ensuring that our group consistently reflects our guiding principles. At RPS, we aim to build positive relationships within our industry and showcase the success of our inclusive and supportive approach. This appointment allows us to demonstrate the benefits of our model to other businesses.”

“In our industry, less than 20% of the current UK tech workforce is represented by women, only 5% of females in engineering hold leadership positions.  We are committed to providing a safe space for women to connect with mentors, build confidence, and enhance their skills, benefiting their personal development and their respective businesses.”

Natalie Strange will co-chair the group alongside Lauren Croxson, Sangoma’s Senior Sales Director for the UK, Ireland, Western, and Northern Europe. Together, they aim to advance the mission of Women in Telecoms and support its growing membership, which currently stands at 135.

Strange added, “I am incredibly fortunate to be able to extend the supportive environment we have cultivated at RPS Telecom to women across the industry. As we continue to grow, building positive relationships, raising awareness of women’s contributions to technology, and attracting new talent is essential. Our inclusive approach benefits individual development and strengthens the entire telecoms sector.”