Monday 17th June 2024

How much are missed calls costing your business?

What am I missing?

Missed customer phone calls are an occupational hazard of running a small business, right? When you’re trying to juggle customer-facing work, business admin and your key operational tasks, some calls will slip through the net. But how many missed customer calls is too many?

Every missed call is a potentially lost opportunity for the business. It could be a sales enquiry, or a prospect wanting to arrange a meeting. And that means it might not just be a call you’re missing – you might actually be losing future sales and revenues by not picking up.

Let’s take a look at how missed calls are affecting your business potential, and how our solutions can get your call answering back on track and delivering sales opportunities.


The hidden cost of missed calls

On average, businesses across all industries miss around 40% of their customers’ calls. That’s a staggering statistic when you start to add up the missed potential for the business.

When a prospect or customer calls your phone line, they’ll generally have a specific conversation or question in mind. They may want to:

  • Ask a general query about your product and/or services
  • Request a quote
  • Arrange a face-to-face appointment or online meeting
  • Find out more about becoming a customer
  • Discuss an issue or problem with an existing product/service

Many of these conversations lead directly, or indirectly, to conversions, sales, work and additional revenue for the business. If you’re missing a quarter of your customer calls, that’s a huge loss to your future sales and revenue generation.

In other words, by not picking up the phone, you’re actually holding back the success, profitability and viability of your business.

Introducing our Missed Call Cost Calculator

No business wants to lose out on future sales and revenue opportunities. But exactly how much is your business missing out on by not picking up the phone on time?

We’ve created our very own Missed Call Cost Calculator’, to help you get an approximate idea of the cost of these missed customer calls. By filling out this simple online questionnaire, you can estimate how many calls you believe you’re missing, and the negative impact this is having on your revenue.

By quantifying this lost revenue, you’ll soon see the value of upping your call-answering game and grasping these missed opportunities. Try the Missed Call Cost Calculator to see how much you could be losing.


The main causes of missed calls for your business

If you’re a busy one-person business, or a small enterprise with a limited number of employees, there are multiple reasons why you might not get to the phone on time.

For instance:

  • No time to answer the phone – you might be a sole trader whose focus is getting on with customer work, rather than taking customer calls.
  • Not enough staff to meet the volume – you might be a small business that doesn’t have enough team members to meet the sheer number of calls you receive.
  • No capacity for taking multiple calls – it might be that you’re receiving multiple calls and don’t have the resources to answer more than one call at a time.

No tech in place to ease your phone issues – you may be trying to answer all customer calls manually, without making use of phone-answering technology. The good news is that the latest voice technology can help you overcome all of these potential challenges, using cutting-edge tech to automate your call answering.


How we can help

Call Flow – we can spend time looking at your current call flow and suggest changes based on staff availability and business demands to ensure calls are routed and answered most efficiently.

If you feel you are too busy to answer these calls it might be worth exploring the option of a call answering service, that way you ensure calls are answered promptly and you can action these as soon as you are available again.