Tuesday 26th July 2022

Reduced agent stress and faster customer service; all the reasons you should integrate your CRM with your contact centre

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Things are better together’, and in the case of your CRM tools and contact centres, they really are.  When you integrate the two, you can access a whole range of benefits from reducing agent stress to faster customer service. 

Reduced agent stress

If your agents are stressed, your customer service will suffer as a result so it’s important to give your agents the tools they need to make their job easier, reduce stress, and improve performance. When you integrate your CRM with ComputerTalk it enables screen pop-ups of important contextual information to agents as soon as an interaction comes in. This saves agents’ time as they no longer have to manually look it up.

Integrating your CRM also allows you to automatically insert activity records, meaning agents don’t have to spend time entering data to keep their records up to date. 


Eliminate misdials 

At RPS Telecom, we know how frustrating it can be when the technology you rely on every day goes wrong.

There’s always a potential for misdials when it comes to outbound calls, however, with a CRM integration, click-to-call capabilities allow agents to make calls directly from the CRM. This way they’ll always call exactly who they intend to. 


Provide a personalised service

When you’re running a business, it’s all about service. When you integrate your CRM it’s not just the screen pops that help improve your customer service. 

Basic contact information will enable personalised greetings, purchase history results in suggestions for complementary products or services, and notes from past interactions can tell you more about the customer’s preferences and interests. If a personalised service appeals to your customers, then integration is a no-brainer. 


Create custom dashboards

It’s always handy to know how you’re doing. Am I on track? What’s my average call time today? When you integrate your CRM with your contact centre, you can create custom dashboards to suit you. They’ll show important contact centre data such as average talk time, total handled, and average queue delay. 


Reduce wrap-up time

Whether you run a 200-seat contact centre or manage a small team of customer support agents, investing in the right technology for your contact centre can make a big difference to your business’ success. 

When you integrate your CRM with ComputerTalk, activity records are automatically inserted so your agents won’t have to spend as much time manually entering data. This means they can get back to handling more interactions, getting through the queue quicker, and ultimately dealing with more business. 


Optimise interaction routing

At RPS Telecom, we’re all about making telecoms as simple as possible for our customers. For your contact centre to run as smoothly as possible for both your agents and customers, it’s important for the technology to work with you.

When you integrate your CRM through ComputerTalk, you can apply routing rules based on the fields in your CRM. This means that every customer quickly reaches the agent best suited to handle their interaction, reducing transfers and increasing the likelihood of first contact resolution. 


Unify customer and interaction data

As you’ll already know by now, ComputerTalk’s integration automatically inserts activity records so you don’t have to. This means that complete and accurate records of customers’ interaction history can be accessed easily in the same place as all other customer details. 

These records can include links, recordings, and transcripts to make follow-ups even easier too. 


Faster customer service

The basic rule of business? Time is money. When you’re running a business, you’re always looking for ways to cut timings and cut costs, whether that be through outsourcing, changing suppliers, or introducing new technologies. 

When it comes to customer service, the goal is to provide a quick and efficient service leaving your customer satisfied. Integrating your CRM allows agents to save time with screen pop-ups, as the faster an agent can see the relevant context, the sooner a customer’s query can be resolved. 

By integrating your CRM, you are improving the efficiency of your customer service by allowing agents to resolve more customer queries in the same amount of time. 


Put simply, CRM and contact centres work together to make things quicker and easier for your agents, leaving better results for your customers too. Whether your business uses Salesforce, ServiceNow, or another solution, upgrade your processes and integrate your CRM and contact centre today. 

RPS Telecom is proud to have partnered with ComputerTalk to offer omnichannel contact centre solutions, no matter the size of your business. If you’d like to see how we can help your business through ComputerTalk, get in touch on 01633 481424 or email welcome@rpstelecom.co.uk