Thursday 23rd June 2022

Prioritise customer requests, reduce costs, and increase reach: the benefits of our partnership with ComputerTalk

In the past two years with the rise of hybrid and remote working, more businesses are demanding an efficient omnichannel contact centre to manage their variety of customer requests. On that thread, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with ComputerTalk as a supplier of ice, an omnichannel contact centre solution.

“We’re delighted to be a UK partner for ComputerTalk, allowing us to offer our customers omnichannel contact centre solutions, no matter the size of their business. At RPS, we’re all about delivering exceptional customer service, and that’s what we want for our clients too. ComputerTalk’s ‘ice’ software means our clients can provide an outstanding customer experience whilst making it easier for the agent to manage, plus they’ll get a centralised place for all their data!” – Natalie Strange, General Manager of RPS Telecom.

Who are ComputerTalk?

ComputerTalk is a global provider of enterprise-class contact centres and advanced IVR solutions, founded in 1987 in Markham, Canada, and a successful holder of the Microsoft Teams Connected Contact Centre certification.

With Computer Talk’s ice software, there are three different options for use. There’s ice bar for desktop, ice for web, and ice for Teams. Integrating with Microsoft Teams means your contact centre agents can use Teams to receive SMS and emails rather than having to manage these requests separately.

Many omnichannel providers will restrict their offerings solely to large businesses, but here at RPS, we’ve teamed up with Computer Talk to make even the smallest of contact centres run smoothly. Whether your business has a team of 10 or 100, we can help you find the perfect solution.

So what are the benefits of an omnichannel customer contact centre?
  • Customer queries are prioritised – this means customers don’t get pushed to the back of the queue.
  • A centralised data system means agents can manage their workload from one system – including SMS, email, live chat, telephone etc.
  • The system filters requests to ensure they are directed to the correct handler.
  • Increase your organisation’s reach
  • Reduce costs by eliminating expensive infrastructure
  • Adapt to changing business requirements using real-time data

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with RPS Telecom in their territory! Together, ice Contact Center and RPS’ telecom solutions will power communications for organizations across the pond from us. We look forward to enhancing customer acquisition in the UK through our aligned excellence in exceptional customer service.” – ComputerTalk

How can we help you connect with the world?

From energy companies to estate agents, we help clients across both public and private sectors communicate more effectively with the world, through a range of solutions from broadband to VoIP. Head to our case studies to discover how we’ve helped businesses just like yours.

For more information about ice, visit ComputerTalk’s website.

If you’d like to see how we can help your business through ComputerTalk, get in touch on 01633 481424 or email