VTEC Energy

VTEC Energy Ltd is an independent energy consultancy based in Newport, South Wales supporting homes and businesses take control of their energy usage, reduce spend and to be more sustainable.

VTEC were struggling using a personal mobile phone for business calls, which could ring at any hour and wasn’t allowing them to switch off. Also they felt displaying a personal mobile phone number was not professional for their business.


We provided VTEC with our Communicator GO Mobile App and a local landline number with Operational Times set so customers could only ring within working hours. Outside of these hours calls go to voicemail, these are easily accessible in the app for them to listen and return calls.


Communicator GO App
Working From Home


I would like to take the time to recognise and thank Andrew at RPS Telecom for his professional advice and support when setting me up with an app based landline telephone solution. Being a small business based at home it was important to me that I had a contact method for clients that was professional yet separate from my personal mobile. Andrew very quickly set up a landline local number which was connected to an app on my phone. I’m able to set the office hours and add a voicemail allowing me to recognise incoming business calls and record messages.

This cost effective solution is perfect for me and my small business and as my business grows the solution can be expanded to suit. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and RPS Telecom. I know that regardless of the size of your business they will have the right solution for you.

Vicky Thomas, Founder