Thursday 12th September 2019

Communicator GO: Available anywhere, anytime

According to a recent survey by Airtasker, 73% of Brits are now choosing to take their business to an SME rather than a large corporation . As a result, it is not a surprise that the same survey revealed over a third of SME owners admit they are working over 50 hours a week .

When running a small business, you want to get the most out of your day and often you continue to work out of the office – whether this be on route to a meeting or at home before or after hours.

Mobile phones are commonly used by SME business owners to communicate with clients when out of the office. However, feedback that we received from our own customers identifies two main issues with this;

  • Giving out personal phone numbers can disrupt work-life balance. The mobile number becomes first point of call rather than the main office number.
  • Having to call numerous people can be time consuming e.g. taking a call then having to call the office for further information and then returning the call.

Luckily, we have a solution for this – RPS Communicator Go. As part of our telephony solution we offer this mobile application. The app sits on your mobile and allows you to be anywhere and appear as you are in the office, as long as you have Wi-fi or a 4G signal.

You can receive calls free of charge from your office number and if you are unable to take a call they will be directed to voicemail (if enabled). If answered you can transfer the call to another member of the team using the app. Alternately if the office receives a call for you, they can transfer this straight to you.

You can dial outbound calls either using the keypad or contacts on your phone and your office number will display – these minutes will be billed as part of your business telephony package.

The app displays the status of all users so you can see availability of team members in real time. They are also able to see your availability and contact you and each other internally free of charge.

Overall Benefits

  • Available anywhere, anytime
  • Get calls as if you are in the office
  • Ring out displaying your office number
  • Make transfers to team members in other locations
  • Internal calls to team (free of charge)

RPS Communicator GO is used by a variety of business sectors, whether you need it for on call, out of hours or general day to day use our team will discuss with you the best way to utilise this as part of your business.