Tuesday 08th March 2022

‘I found my home here’: Samantha’s first month as Operations Administrator

It’s been a month since I started at RPS Telecom as an Operation Administrator, and I feel like I have finally made my home here. The company has given me the freedom to make the role my own and I’m looking forward to learning something completely new.

Here’s how it all started…

How did I end up at RPS Telecom?

I have worked in admin roles throughout my career, with over 12-years at a referral centre for a cancer charity, helping the terminally ill remain in their homes. After being made redundant a few years ago, I held a number of admin roles ranging from solicitors to the NHS, before finally finding my home here at RPS. 


What does an Operations Administrator do?

As the Operations Administrator, I am responsible for ensuring orders are processed correctly, with all stakeholders updated as it progresses. I think of it as being the bridge between the departments. But essentially, I’m a mini-Project Manager.

I place the orders for the equipment and services to ensure that the Support Team gets the information they need to get this equipment ready for the customer. I also book their site-visit appointments for a face-to-face installation. 


What am I most looking forward to?

RPS Telecom has given me the freedom to make the role my own, which is incredible. I’ve never had a role like this before and I’m excited to see where I can take it.

As a new starter, there’s lots to look forward to in my new role. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m looking forward to learning something completely new; and there’s definitely a lot to learn at the company.


I’ve never been afraid of a challenge

One of my greatest achievements is never letting my age or life get in the way of education. I’m always seeking the next course or learning opportunity. I’m currently attending a dressmaking class for a change, and I’m really enjoying it.

If I could pick up a new skill, it would be furthering my technical knowledge of networks and infrastructure. I’m hoping the Support Team will let me tag along now and again to improve my base knowledge.

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