How can your business provide seamless customer service when you can’t trust your telecoms?


Here at RPS Telecom, we know how frustrating it can be when the technology you rely on every day goes wrong. Missed calls and lost connections mean disappointed customers and reduced productivity, which has a negative impact on your business. 


At RPS, our friendly team is on hand to ensure a seamless connection so that each and every one of your customers are satisfied with your service. Here’s how RPS Telecom can help you…

1. Our reliable broadband service allows maximised uptime for your business

Fast, reliable broadband has never been more important. With the rise of online enquiries through websites and social media, reliable broadband is vital to ensure you can stay on top of customer services. We can provide automatic failover, a secondary standby internet solution in case your primary connection ever fails. This ensures maximised uptime for you and your business. 

2. Using the internet to make and receive calls, you’ll be able to access your phone system from anywhere

Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony can be a game-changer for all kinds of businesses, from sole traders to multi-site contract centres. By using the internet to make and receive calls, you can benefit from reduced operating costs, higher quality calls and the flexibility to access your phone system from anywhere. Whether you’re in or out of the office, you’ll be able to provide a seamless communication service to your customers. 

3. TeamsTalk allows you to make low cost calls to any number in the world

Microsoft Teams has become an essential communication tool for many businesses. Our TeamsTalk solution makes it even more valuable and flexible, enabling you to make and receive calls using the office number your customers already recognise. 

By integrating TeamsTalk into your ongoing Microsoft 365 account, you will benefit from a single solution for both video and audio calls. No matter where you are or what device you use, you can make low cost calls to any number in the world. Plus, there’s no onsite hardware needed. 

4. Our contact centre solution helps your customers reach the right person

Whether you run a 200-seat contact centre or manage a small team of customer support agents, investing in the right technology for your contact centre can make a big difference to your business’ client relations service. At RPS Telecom, we will walk you through a range of contact centre options to suit your requirements and budget, including the following features:

  • Advanced call reports
  • Skill-based routing
  • CRM integration
  • Agent availability tracking
  • Wallboards
  • MiFID II Cdi Recording
  • PCI Compliance
5. Our number porting service ensures the same number stays with your business through its progression

Even with the rise of internet technology, phone numbers remain a vital point of contact for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your phone numbers are a key aspect of your business identity, so it’s important that they stay the same as your business grows and develops. At RPS Telecom, our number porting service ensures your numbers always stay with you, no matter where you might move. Allow us to take number porting off your to-do list, with everything expertly managed to ensure minimal disruption. 

Don’t let unreliable technology mess with your business. Check out all of the services that we offer here; from number porting to broadband and VoIP, our friendly team can help you offer the best possible service to your customers. 

If you’d like to see how we’ve helped other businesses just like yours, read our case studies.