Travel companies

The travel industry relies on a mix of traditional phone-based contact and online communication to make sales and provide customer support.

Telephones and broadband connections are essential to business – when problems arise, they can result in lost sales and customer frustration, negatively affecting your company’s reputation.

Some of the most common phone-related problems travel companies face include:

  • Sites not being able to speak to each other
  • High demand of inbound and outbound calls
  • Maintaining contact with staff who work from home
  • Agent visibility to supervisors when staff are working remotely

We help to solve these problems with a variety of smart solutions, such as:

  • Site-wide internal calls
  • Call packages
  • Failover to other sites when lines are busy or unanswered to ensure calls are always answered
  • Flexible contact solutions for staff working from home or on the move
  • Agent and supervisor desktop software ensuring staff are productive and can be reported on