Severn Bay Corporate Solutions

Severn Bay Corporate Solutions are Commercial Insurance Brokers based in Cardiff with over 30 year’s experience.

They were unhappy with their current provider, who had not delivered upon their original contact and who’s customer customer service was poor.

It was crucial for Severn Bay to keep their existing numbers when moving providers, they also wanted their network to be resilient.


We worked closely with Seven Bay over a few months to ensure they got out of their existing contract which wasn’t fit for purpose, also ensuring there were no penalty charges.

We provided two broadband connections, one for data and one for voice with cross connection capabilities, this means if one broadband fails the other acts as a failover to ensure Severn Bay can keep working. We applied to port Severn Bay’s numbers and worked through a number of issues to ensure these ported over to us successfully with limited downtime to the customer.


Fibre Broadband


I would like to thank Andrew for his hard work in sorting our phone lines and internet at Severn Bay.

Severn Bay discovered this year that we were tied into a contract that was not what had initially been agreed by the directors, this was followed by an extreme price hike which was completely unexpected.

I enquired with Andrew if he knew whether they could do anything and he got straight in the case; one of his advisors called our director and over the period of about 2 months got us out of our contract with our previous provider with no penalty charges to Severn Bay.

Following this impressive service, RPS then gave us a full quote for their services which were better and more cost effective than previous, which Severn Bay gladly accepted.

Following this, our previous provider decided to hold our main business line number; RPS jumped straight into action. Not only did they provide a temporary number which they managed to reroute from our old one, but they got our number released and moved our phone lines back to how they should have been. This was all seamless and we didn’t see a single interruption in our service.

Furthermore, RPS are so easy to get hold of in the event you need their assistance – there’s not waiting on hold for hours on end!

I would whole heartedly recommend not only RPS but particularly Andrew for his incredible work.

Thank you very much!