Go Local Magazine & Print

Go Local Magazine & Print are a high quality printing company based in Pontypool.

They were unhappy with the service they were receiving from their current provider and were looking for a new provider who could support them better as well as saving them money.

The broadband speed they had was really slow and as a business they were struggling to send emails and upload files for printing.

Customers also faced issues when ringing in, because the phones lines would only take one call at a time they often got a busy tone with no option to leave a message.


We started firstly by upgrading the broadband connection at Go Local to Fibre, this gave them a massive upgrade on speed and means they no longer face issues uploading or downloading files.

We installed new telephones which can make and receive simulations calls. No more busy tones for customers and if all members of the team are busy it goes to a voicemail.

Go Local provided us with a customer list which we uploaded into a global directory on their phones, this means whenever a customer rings they can see who is calling.


Call Routing
Communicator Desktop


Earlier this year we decided to put our telephone & broadband account with RPS Telecom, I am now in a position after working with your system over the last few months to give an accurate feedback and testimonial on how our Company has benefitted.

First of all, we knew we were going to save money on our bills and that played a big part in our decision to leave our current provider, secondly the most important thing to us was that RPS were locally based
Right from the word go we could not fault the service we have received from RPS, your support lady Natalie kept us informed every step of the way, our current provider was playing hard ball with regards to the porting of our numbers but Natalie sorted all that out for us.

Moving on to the system itself, I am so impressed in the way that our accounts system has linked up with your system and that every customer number is now stored in the phone directory and what’s more if a customer phones us, we know who is calling just by looking at the display screen, the other huge advantage to us was that on our old system only one person could be on a call at any one time, we are now able to make 3 phone calls simultaneously and still receive calls coming in, this is absolutely magic!

How many businesses can get straight through to their providers without having to listen for 5 mins to the press this button then press that button before you can get to the department you want to speak to? if I have any questions there is a button on the system that connects me directly with your Company’s support team and that’s before I shout about the fantastic broadband speed we now have! Uploading Magazines and artwork takes a fraction of the time it used to, and that in itself saves us as a Company a lot of undue stress and worry.

I would have no hesitation in recommending RPS Telecom to other businesses and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Andrew and his Company for looking after us so well.

Pam Appleby, Advertising Accounts Manager