Tuesday 20th February 2018

Why incorporating flexi-working could be the best thing for your business

Many employers are saying goodbye to the traditional 9-5 as they wise up to the demand for a more work-life balanced approach to employment.

Gone are the days of needing staff in the office keeping the seats warm for 40 hours a week. Studies have shown that they will be more motivated and productive when given the option to work more flexibly.

The benefits of flexi-working are seen not just by the employees but the employer too. Giving your team the option to work flexibly can greatly improve their happiness and job satisfaction, in turn boosting motivation and productivity. Happy staff are more willing to go the extra mile and show loyalty to your business – resulting in greater staff retention.

Here at RPS, we have a number of staff members working their hours over a flexible and unstructured approach. Team member Laura joined RPS two years ago as an Admin Assistant and hasn’t looked back since.

“While searching for jobs, she struggled to find a position that would fit around her life as a parent. She said: “I was really starting to feel knocked back and that I would have to sacrifice time with my daughter so that I could provide for us, it was then that I saw an Admin Assistant role with RPS and applied. I was told during the interview that they needed someone to work 16 hours a week but that I could pick and choose not only which days I work, but also when I start and finish my shift.”

For Laura, this was a massive benefit as it meant she could plan her working schedule around your personal commitments. On her role with us, she said: “The benefits of flexi-work aren’t just reaped by the employee but the employer as well because my enthusiasm has never been so high. If your workplace cares about you, you care about your workplace.”

We have seen similar success with Victoria, who joined our team as an Administrator. With the basic hours of Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12-4pm, she also has the option to work from home when extra hours are required. Victoria said: “Being a single mum with three children, the benefit of having flexi-hours is that I never have to miss any important mile stones I would if I worked solid hours.”

Victoria praises being able to use our Communicator app, which gives her the ability to stay up to date with what’s happening in the office, even when she’s at home. She said: “Having Communicator Go is a great benefit for this as I can receive calls that go to the office while working from home.”

For us, we have seen many benefits since enlisting this approach, but could it be right for your business? By advertising a position as flexible, not only will you attract a wider pool of talent, but it will also help to retain that talent. Creating a driven and motivated work force that will truly aid your business to success.