Tuesday 10th April 2018

Telecommunications is changing – is it time your business considered this?

It’s not just a technology change but a chance to make operational business improvements.

We all remember the Millennium Bug fiasco and how the world was going to end and how everyone’s computer would stop working, well we survived it.

Unfortunately, unlike the Millennium Bug the changes in telecommunications services will DEFINITELY affect those companies who currently use today’s telephone lines and have not considered the forthcoming changes.

‘BT Group CEO Gavin Patterson has announced that BT intends to migrate all its customers onto the IP network by 2025, switching off their ISDN Network. As the leading business phone provider in the UK, this shake-up will affect thousands of businesses across the nation. So, what does it mean for your business?’

From 2020 onwards, which sounds far away but technology wise it really isn’t, BT as stated above, (and all other suppliers) will no longer be providing new ISDN connections for telephone systems, and running those services down. After 2025 support for these services will be discontinued.

If your business is using ISDN telecommunications today, and most companies that haven’t yet moved to Voice Over IP (VoIP) will be, what should you be considering? To just replace the connectivity from ISDN to SIP Trunks or to use the opportunity to make operational improvements to your business?

Let’s explore the options in the video below to help you decide how to best to move forward with this new technology – it’s not just about the technology it’s how you use it to maximise the benefits to your business.

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