Tuesday 30th April 2024

Overcoming Business Challenges with VoIP & Cloud-Based Systems

Are Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems Worth It?

In short – the fast-paced world of modern business means seamless communication is not a luxury but a necessity. However, traditional phone lines often fall short. If your business relies heavily on a strong internet connection and requires scalability, it’s highly recommended that you consider upgrading to a VoIP or cloud-based solution. 

But before we look into this in more detail, it’s important to understand exactly what the common challenges are and how they can affect your business. 

What are the common challenges businesses face?

Network Connectivity Issues

  • Drops or disconnects on an internet connection that serves a VoIP service will result in calls hanging up mid-conversation, or a “ghost” call where the call looks to be active and connected, but neither party can hear each other.

Call Quality Problems

  • VoIP calls can experience short but continuous break-ups in audio, with many describing the audio of the other party as robotic or “dalek” sounding, or as if they are underwater. This is usually caused by saturation or “congestion” at some point in the local or wider network.


  • Poorly configured networks and/or out-of-date phone systems can be exploited by hackers/bots, to either render the phone system unusable, generate large volumes of spam calls (which could blacklist your number), or generate calls to high toll international numbers which will be charged to your account.


  • On-site systems in particular will be pre-configured with a maximum capacity of extensions and public lines available. Expanding beyond these maximums may incur a high cost due to new hardware required on the system, or when add-ons are in blocks (i.e. to add one extension requires adding a component that is capable of 5 extensions).
  • In addition, older on-site systems will hit limitations when there is a requirement for remote offices or home workers. Overcoming these limitations will involve either a more complex and potentially more unreliable network setup or a reduction in network security. Due to this home workers in this case just use mobile phones / mobile numbers for contact.

Product Knowledge / Usability

  • Some of the major providers will choose to overlook features or not offer advancements in technology due to its complexity and impact on their productivity. This can include from end users having to update buttons on a phone manually to end users losing out on CRM integration and a boost to productivity.
  • At RPS, we understand that ambitious teams need connectivity to work hard for them, so that they can get on with what they do best. We provide a range of reliable solutions, together with industry-leading and local support.


What solutions are available?

Network Connectivity Issues

  • We employ in-house monitoring on all RPS-provided connections so any drops are highlighted as they happen and trends monitored.
  • We also have access to line-level diagnostics which can detect potential faults and raise it to engineer response/visits.

Call Quality Problems

  • RPS ascertains your usage requirements and compares it with internet speeds and technologies in your area to specify the correct amount of bandwidth that will avoid congestion. The take-up of FTTP gives greater flexibility to choose an internet speed that is right for the user.
  • For periods of high demand or exceptional circumstances, RPS configure devices to prioritise call quality (Quality of Service) and eliminate the call break-ups that would otherwise occur. *We use industry-leading diagnostics in combination with deploying our own telephony servers that allow us to directly diagnose and resolve any call quality issues without relying on a slow chain of 3rd party technical support.


  • We run our own servers and cloud networking so can apply security updates and patches as they are released.
  • Fraud monitoring is active on all systems with triggers in place to stop fraudulent calls before they generate thousands.


  • A cloud service is easily scalable allowing single or multiple extensions to be added at a time, with the flexibility to choose a mixture of traditional desk phones, cordless phones, mobile apps and Teams integration.
  • As it’s not tied down to a single location/office, these additions can include additional offices and remote workers, with no complex configuration changes. As long as you have the internet there, the extensions just work.
  • With VoIP the number of lines needed is no longer an issue, your customers will never get an engaged tone from you again.

Product Knowledge

  • With over a decade in the industry and a deep understanding of the operation of devices, RPS can configure and program devices to meet your needs.
  • We take care of the configuration/maintenance of phone features such as contact directories, shortcut buttons (BLFs) and custom ringtones so you can get more productivity out of your hardware.
  • RPS design and deploy our own servers for telephony, giving us in-depth product knowledge and technical expertise from the top down, allowing us to offer the most comprehensive features that are a fit to your business.

* Where internet service and router hardware are provided and maintained by RPS.

What are the main benefits? 

VoIP systems predominantly offer greater choice and flexibility over what traditional telephone lines could achieve, while at a much-reduced cost:

  • Cost Savings: Telephony over the internet allows the copper/fibre line to your premises to handle hundreds of calls and extensions when compared to the single line / single call capability of a traditional phone line. This also brings a greater choice of telephony provider as you’re no longer tied down to the company that provided the line.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Anywhere the internet is, VoIP can be there too. As a VoIP number is virtual it’s not confined to a single location allowing you to make and take calls wherever you are, whether this is a physical desk phone or cordless at home, or via mobile/desktop apps that allow you to be truly mobile.
  • Advanced Features: Features once only feasible to big companies and call centres are now easily attainable to small and medium businesses, no more expensive boxes on the wall or expensive add-on cards. Call queuing, options menus (auto attendant), voicemails as emails and ad-hoc / scheduled call forwarding are available as simple add-ons.
  • Scalability: A VoIP system is capable of as many extensions as you will ever need from the beginning, adding another extension/user is usually just a case of providing a handset for them, combining this with the flexibility of mobile and desktop solutions it can be as simple as signing into an app regardless of where they are.
  • Centralised: As RPS offer a cloud solution all control can be made from a single location, simpler for managing multiple offices or a team of remote workers.
  • Integration: The switch to digital VoIP also allows easier integration to new or existing CRM systems, allowing greater productivity and insights into your operation.

We’re happy to help your business out however you’d like: from highly reliable broadband products to all the telephony services and support you could need, run by a friendly, expert team, that will make it their business to get to know yours.

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