Wednesday 21st April 2021

Introducing RPS TeamsTalk

Take your business to the next level with RPS TeamsTalk

Unlock the full extent of Microsoft Teams with a feature-rich add on service that enables greater business flexibility and mobility. With many people viewing Microsoft Teams as just a tool for video calls and collaboration, this isn’t quite the case. We’ve enhanced the real power of the Teams software by enabling powerful call technology for both inbound and outbound calls to the external world.

“Whilst video calling between colleagues and clients where a relationship has already been established works well, companies or individuals looking to engage with yourselves, or those you’re looking to engage with, may not be comfortable with that facet of the technology.”

One solution

Gone are the days where you are expected to work on multiple platforms; TeamsTalk is a unified platform provided by RPS that combines chat with calls and video on one easy-to-use platform, allowing for seamless switchovers. From any location across any device, TeamsTalk transforms Microsoft Teams into a full collaborative solution. Accelerate your telephony capabilities with advanced features and functions to support all your compliance needs.

TeamsTalk is a flexible replacement for outdated phone systems that connects voice elements to your Microsoft 365, allowing you to make and receive calls on the go while displaying a business number – genius! Better still, TeamsTalk enables callers to be routed to the correct individual, wherever they reside – there’s no need for an old-fashioned handset, all you need is a laptop, computer, tablet or phone.

TeamsTalk brings all the facilities of today’s PBX and Call Centre technologies to your endpoint of choice.

Up your communication game

Do you struggle to communicate with your customers and team?

Have you got staff working from home or out of multiple offices?

Say no more. With RPS TeamsTalk, whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you’ll never have to miss a call again. Communicate with your team more effectively and start serving your customers better. Quick to deploy with no necessity to visit your site, RPS TeamsTalk adds value to your business operations.

Tailored to you and your business

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we spend time working with our customers to tailor solutions that are right for you, your own customers and your business. From small to medium business through to larger organisations, Teams Talk has a package to suit your communication needs – TeamsTalk and TeamsTalk Pro.

Why go Pro?

TeamsTalk Pro is perfect for businesses looking for more in depth reporting, analytics and skill based call routing. With agent and supervisor options, TeamsTalk Pro provides a more advanced and unified communication solution.

Business benefits
  • One tool – Use one tool for all internal and external communication
  • Cloud-based – no onsite hardware maintenance
  • Business flexibility – Allows for agile working. Work from anywhere.
  • Scalable – adjustable to your business needs and requirements.
TeamsTalk: What you need to know
  • RPS is equipped with the best industry knowledge and experience to offer a fully managed solution
  • Offering two different packages to suit differing business needs
  • Quick to deploy with no necessity to visit your site
  • Flexible replacement for outdated phone systems
  • TeamsTalk allows for flexible, on the go working whilst displaying the business contact number

Are you interested to find out how RPS TeamsTalk could add value to your business moving forward? Contact our friendly team today and make a switch for simplified on-the-go working solutions.

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